vendredi 4 novembre 2011

Avis de tournoi de débat international,
As you may have already heard, IDEA, along with its partners the Central European University, School of Public Policy and International Affairs, and the European Council on Foreign Relations, has launched a truly unique, public policy competition– the 2012 Global Debate and Public Policy Challenge (the Challenge), with 5 prizes worth US$10,000 for each of the top 5 finalists.

On this ten-year anniversary of September 11th, IDEA has chosen “Securing Liberty:  Balancing Security and Freedom” as the theme for this year’s inaugural Challenge to encourage ongoing debate on this timely topic.  Further details on this Challenge can be found in the attached flyer or at  

The Challenge consists of four tasks, each drawing participants closer to developing fully fledged public policy briefs.  The field of participants will be narrowed throughout the three initial stages, with 50 finalists being invited to participate in the Global Debate and Public Policy Forum to be held in June 2012 in Budapest, Hungary!

Five winners will each receive USD 10,000 for scholarship towards graduate study or as stipend to work one year in non-profit institution in a field related to Public Policy.

How you can help make the Challenge a success

As the Challenge is a new annual competition, IDEA would be extremely grateful to any organisation or person willing to help us make the Challenge known to any student potentially interested.  You may help us by:
-     Posting the attached flyer on bulletin boards and other areas where students will likely see it;
-     Posting the pdf of the attached flyer and / or links to the Challenge website ( on your website;
-     Forwarding this announcement and attached flyer to any organisation or person that you think might be interested in this competition;
-     Downloading from the Challenge’s website ( promotional tools (i.e. posters, banners, etc.) that we have made available to help make this Challenge a huge success.

In order to make this inaugural Challenge a success, IDEA is aiming to have around 1 000 participants register and submit the first policy position paper by 18 November 2011.  We ask all IDEA members to help us reach this goal, as we are currently under our targets.  We therefore offer a general support grant equal to USD 1,000 to each organisation that succeeds in having 50 participants from their country register AND submit the first policy position paper by 18 November 2011.  For every 50 participants that register and submit from your country after today's date, your organisation will receive a general support grant of USD 1,000.  Your organisation can therefore receive multiple grants if it mobilizes enough undergraduate students to participate in the Challenge.

For more information and materials on the Global Debate and Public Policy Challenge, visit, or contact me at

The Global Debate and Public Policy Challenge has been made possible by a generous grant of the Open Society Foundations.

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