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Have you registered for the Global Debate and Public Policy Challenge?

Have you registered for the Global Debate and Public Policy Challenge?
If you are a full-time university student or recent graduate, join the Challenge today and become eligible to win a free trip to Budapest and a $10,000 scholarship. This program is designed to engage undergraduates and recent grads in ongoing public debate and reflection on issues affecting the global community and will culminate in a final competition in Budapest in June 2013. The second annual competition is underway and the deadline for submitting your policy memo is 30 November 2012. The Competition will take place in English, but don’t worry if you’re not a native speaker of  English! Judges use evaluation criteria to assess each student’s contribution, which focuses on the ability to develop evidence to support arguments, not language ability.

The instructions for the first task are now available online. Begin your research and writing early! The first task is to write a policy memorandum of 800-1,200 words which addresses a hypothetical scenario on the topic “Digital Freedom and Its Limits.” This stage of the Challenge requires you to think about the policies that governments or other groups should adopt to enhance the potential of digital technology to benefit individuals and societies, domestically or internationally, and whether limits on Internet freedom are legitimate or desirable. Please follow the guidelines listed below to complete this round. The deadline for submission is 30 November 2012. For more information as well as helpful materials including a Theme Page, Background Paper, Reading Materials and Worksheet -- to guide you through the process of preparing your policy memorandum, check our the Task One page on our website. Please note that we do not expect you to exhibit in-depth technical knowledge of the Internet or security software referenced in the scenarios.

What is a policy memo, you ask? A policy memorandum provides policymakers with the essential information they need to do their jobs. It should break complex issues down into core facts; evaluate alternative possible solutions and recommend a particular course of action. An effective policy memorandum will convince the target audience that the issues outlined require urgent action and that the policies proposed are the best way of responding to them. Your memo should also look at the ways that civil society groups and other important stakeholders will interact with governments as the policy is planned and implemented.

This year’s theme "Digital Freedom and Its Limits" explores what policies governments or other groups should adopt to enhance the potential of digital technology to benefit individuals and societies. It also encourages debates about the limits on internet freedom and covers issues related to social networks, privacy, child safety, freedom, censorship, democracy, transparency, national security and much more.

Please Join the Challenge today and then submit your policy memo by 30 November 2012. 

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? University undergraduate students currently enrolled in an accredited college or university anywhere in the world, as well as recent graduates.


Step-by-step guide for how to Register
·  In order to Join the Challenge, you must have an IDebate username and password, which is free and takes just a second to do.
·  If you already have an IDebate account please log-in to Join the Challenge, and then go here.
·  If you don't have an IDebateusername and password, you need to register first here. This is Step 1 of 2.
·  After logging with your IDebateusername and password, you must visit the Challenge registration page where you will need to answer a few questions about yourself to complete the registration process.Then you will receive the code for submitting your task by November 30th. This is Step 2 or 2.
·  If you participated in the 2011-2012 Challenge but you don't have an IDebate username and password, you will need to re-register on this new Challenge website here.
·  The process is quick and easy.

How Much Are the Scholarships & Stipends and What Can They Be Used For?
Participants in the 2012-2013 Challenge are eligible to:
• Win a trip to Budapest, Hungary to attend the second annual Global Debate and Public Policy Challenge at Central European University in June 2013.
• Win one of five possible $10,000 prizes: a scholarship towards graduate study or a stipend to work at a non-profit institution of the winner’s choice in a field related to Public Policy.

The Challenge consists of two written tasks and culminates at the Forum in Budapest, where the final round of the competition will take place and the scholarships awarded. Any undergraduate or recent graduate* studying any subject, anywhere in the world, can take part by submitting a paper in Round 1. From these submissions up to 200 participants will be selected to proceed to Round 2. Once those are judged, up to 50 finalists will win trips to Budapest with the cost of travel and accommodation paid by the organisers. Finalists will attend workshops with their peers to hone their public speaking and advocacy skills.

Good Luck!

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